Breon O’Casey at The Soho Hotel


Leading on from The Soho Hotel’s spacious lobby lies the Drawing Room. It is a long, wide room full of bright colours, large windows and a selection of pieces by renowned artists, including a voluptuous Aphrodite sculpture by Breon O’Casey. Hear from Kit and Willow Kemp in this video from 'The Firmdale Art Collection' about this strong and steadfast piece.

“I think Breon’s work was almost lost during his lifetime. He’s an artist that has never really been given the accolades. But still, Aphrodite presides over the room and is very much, I think, the character of the room.” Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp’s passion for art is celebrated throughout her award-winning interiors. Each piece, whether by established artists or up-and-coming students, has been carefully selected and woven into the heart of her designs. In this exclusive series of short films, Kit and Willow Kemp take you on a journey through some of the most inspiring pieces from Kit’s personally curated art collection throughout her London hotels.