The Drawing Room at The Soho Hotel


A Living Space: A Series of Films by Kit Kemp
The Drawing Room at The Soho Hotel

Leading on from The Soho Hotel’s spacious lobby featuring a playful 10 foot Botero cat, lies The Drawing Room. It is a long, wide room full of bright colours, large windows and a selection of pieces by renowned artists, including a stunning Aphrodite sculpture by Breon O’Casey and absorbing paintings by Peter Collins and François Bard. The space is a haven of calm within eclectic Soho.

“Coming into the hotel is an experience in itself…that sense of arrival is important. We’ve put the Breon O’Casey Aphrodite sculpture right in the centre, and it’s almost as if she’s greeting you in all her voluptuousness as you enter the room.” Kit Kemp A Living Space: The Drawing Room at The Soho Hotel

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