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Exploring Versatile Stripes in Design

Stripes are one of our favourite patterns. They are versatile in the way they can be viewed and styled. Join us as we share how we have used this dimensional pattern.

Striped Walls…

Striped walls bring dimension and stability to a scheme. Stripes can be thick or thin depending on the impact you want to create. This combined stripe in room 102 at the Covent Garden Hotel makes a great wallcovering as it has detail, yet is strongly solid in its colouring.

A striped wall can also bring out the detailed colours found within other fabrics of a scheme as seen here in room 803 at The Whitby Hotel.

Directional Stripes…

We prefer stripes to run vertically so that fabrics are clean and elongated, but we’re also not afraid of horizontal stripes as seen on this headboard at The Whitby Hotel. Upholstered in our ‘Criss Cross’ fabric for Christopher Farr, the smaller stripe effect creates balance against the larger scale of the wallcovering.

Decorative Stripes…

Sometimes striped patterns can be difficult to spot, but when used decoratively they can make a strong statement. We admire how this decorative embroidered stripe from Pierre Frey makes an impact in The Potting Shed at Dorset Square Hotel and our Dora Carrington Room at Charlotte Street Hotel.

A decorative stripe makes a statement, even if printed. In room 207 at The Soho Hotel, we’ve used our ‘Ashenwood’ printed fabric for Chelsea Textiles on the headboard and bed cushions.

The way a decorative stripe reads depends on how it is used. In this example, we have used our ‘Tea Trail’ fabric for Christopher Farr on the bed cushions and curtains. This creates a very crisp and clean view of the stripe, balancing well with the thick woven stripe found on the desk chair.

Play with Depth…

A variation of depth in stripes create different effects within schemes. Small or thin stripes work well for headboard borders – our ‘Peace and Love’ fabric for Christopher Farr makes a great choice for this.

A thicker stripe has been upholstered onto this end of bed stool and this creates a balance in scale whilst packing a bold punch.

We hope we’ve encouraged you to have fun with the versatility that stripes bring when designing your own schemes. Share your interiors with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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