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The Whitby Hotel

The Whitby Hotel is situated in Midtown Manhattan, New York, two blocks from Central Park. It’s on the doorstep of some of New York’s leading galleries and museums, including MoMA. We built The Whitby Hotel from the ground up, complete with a penthouse suite, 130 seat cinema, restaurant, orangery and beautiful event spaces.

The bedrooms are all individually designed. One of our favourite rooms, The Whitby Suite, has recently been awarded Best Suite USA at the Sleeper Awards. It’s a penthouse which has terraces on both sides. To the north, it faces Central Park, to the south, downtown and MoMA. We have customised so many objects within the suite; something bespoke will make a room stand out. The Chesterfield sofa by Pippa Caley is a unique piece. In the master bedroom the headboard is a work of art itself.

Art is very important in The Whitby Hotel, as in all our hotels. On the back wall of The Orangery there are 40 porcelain pots, hand-etched with images of some of New York’s most famous landmark buildings and bridges.

The Whitby Bar & Restaurant features a historic collection of baskets. There are 57 hanging above the 30-foot-long pewter bar. They originate from different areas of England, Wales and Ireland, and every basket has a particular purpose. Each design has been put to work on a daily basis and the design has never needed to change or be updated for hundreds of years.

There are such a diverse number of uses from Strawberry Pottles to Eel Traps, forage baskets to a Welsh Tea Things basket. There is a Hen Basket and Donkey Creel from Ireland, a Northumbrian Fishwife’s basket and East Anglian Herring Swill, a Sussex Trug and a West of England Oyster Trendle in willow. They all sound as if they should be included in an old country folk song. We felt we should acknowledge and venerate our humble baskets. Let’s spare a thought for the craftsmanship and easy grace of the finished basket.

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