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The Twelve days of Firmdale Christmas

As Christmas approaches, immerse yourself in the joy of carol concerts and singing! One of our most cherished carols has to be  ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ a festive tradition from Christmas day to Twelfth Night on the 5th of January. Join us in the holiday spirit as we present our very own 12 Days of Firmdale Christmas.

A partridge in a pear tree

For our partridge in a pear tree we have our Mythical Land wallpaper with Andrew Martin, as it is inundated with fruitful pear trees. We also have a lovely applique cushion featuring pears that complements the wallpaper perfectly!

Two turtle doves

For the two turtle doves we have framed dove artworks by the talented Breon O’Casey in the Library at Number Sixteen hotel.

Three French hens

You may not know it, but on the rooftop of Crosby Street Hotel, we have a hen hut. You can also find a pair of hens perching on the mantelpiece in the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel.

Four calling birds

For our calling birds we look to Crosby Street Hotel where vintage telephones are hung as artwork on the walls in the Crosby bar and restaurant.

Five gold rings

Marvel at the gilded Tony Cragg sculpture in the Ham Yard courtyard, symbolising the five gold rings!

Six geese a-laying

In our Richmond Buildings project we used lots of eggs, in particular the Rockin’ Robin pendants and chandeliers we designed for Porta Romana.

Seven swans a-swimming

Swans would certainly be able to swim in our sleek 55 foot swimming pool at Haymarket Hotel!

Eight maids a-milking

For our eight maids a-milking we look to our recent tableware collaboration with Spode, featuring various milk jugs, from the vibrant Calypso range to the elegant Tall Trees.

Nine ladies dancing

In the Whitby Hotel’s events lobby, you can find a large painting of interpretive dancers. However, you have to look no further than our very own design team to find some dancing queens!

Ten lords a-leaping

In one of the bedrooms in our soon to open Warren Street Hotel in New York, we have a mannequin sporting a medieval lord’s ruff collar for our ten lords a-leaping.

Eleven pipers piping

At Ham Yard hotel, old organ pipes serve as dividers between seating areas.

Twelve drummers drumming

The Terrace Suite at Soho Hotel, is filled with instruments and musical notes—a perfect representation of a band of drummers!

From all of us at the design studio we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

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