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The Times Daily Quiz

If you’re a reader of British national newspaper The Times and are fond of a puzzle or two, you may find yourself occasionally pondering over the quizzes in The Times Mind Games.

The Daily Quiz in particular spans 15 questions designed to test your general knowledge and we were happily surprised to not only know the answer, but to feature AS the answer to one of this week’s questions…

Can you spot which question we feature in?

Read on to reveal the answer…

Question 12: Author of A Living Space (2012), which British interior designer co-founded Firmdale Hotels in 1985?
Answer: Kit Kemp. She founded Firmdale Hotels with her husband Tim.

That’s right, my husband Tim and I founded Firmdale Hotels back in 1985. First opening Dorset Square Hotel, Firmdale now has 10 properties, with eight hotels in London including Ham Yard Hotel, The Soho Hotel, Covent Garden Hotel, Charlotte Street Hotel, Haymarket Hotel, Number Sixteen Hotel, Dorset Square Hotel and Knightsbridge Hotel, and two in New York, The Whitby Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel.

You may have also recently heard me talk about my new (and fourth!) book Design Secrets. A Living Space was actually the very first book I published in 2012.

How did you get on? Congratulations to all of those who guessed correctly!

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