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The Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel

The sumptuous Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel is filled with natural light. It has a wonderfully organic feel. Our idea of a luxurious room is something bespoke and made especially for the suite.

In this suite, almost everything has been made by hand. In the master bedroom a one of a kind, hand-embroidered headboard is embellished with cut-out fabric autumn leaves. The yellow Ikat bed cushions with a bronze beaded trim pick up the yellow hues on the headboard and make the room feel sunny and bright.

The embroidered curtains by Soleil Bleu are a modern twist on the Ikat design. On the walls, a plain oatmeal linen by Osborne & Little allows us to use rich textures on the sofa which is covered in my ‘Bookends’ fabric designed for Christopher Farr Cloth.

You will find another of my designs beneath your feet in the form of the ‘Leaf Cut’ rug from my design alliance with Wilton Carpets.

In the drawing room two leopards stand guard over the light filled room. A modern style wood burner makes the room feel like home, separated from the sofas by an upturned camel sledge come coffee table.

The plinth sofas are covered in a patchwork of wools from Holland & Sherry that I stitched together with friends over a weekend. The hand-embroidered details are continued on the Pippa Caley cushions, her needlework is a unique detail.

Our red Perspex Rocket Lamps either side of the fireplace add a modern edge to the design. It’s almost a crime to have overhead lighting in a drawing room, side lights and standing lamps always add more warmth.

In this sun-filled Terrace Suite, the one of a kind details capture a simple luxury above the rooftops of Soho.

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