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The Rules of Magic

Magic has always been an inspiration, in all its beguiling and uplifting expressions. Sometimes, a good interior just needs a small reference to mysticism to captivate you.

It’s always a very subtle and underlying theme, but one that adds a touch of intrigue to any room. Here are some of our favourite magical references in our interiors.


Moondog is perhaps one of my all time favourite designs. The little dog looking through the telescope at a smiling full moon always reminds me of the ancient magic of star gazing and divination. It’s just fantastically whimsical and wonderfully sophisticated all at the same time.

This design has been used on many different ground cloths to create different moods, but it is always playful and extraordinary.


Once a legitimate scientific practice, alchemy centres around the hypothetical transformation of one material to another, and throughout history it has had many connections to magic.

One of my favourite artists, Joe Tilson explores this ancient practice in his work. I have followed Tilson’s work for many years, admiring his love of mythology, ecology and symbolism.

His exploration of alchemy in his work makes his art so curious and alluring, almost otherworldly.


There is always something magical about an apothecary, filled with beautiful plants, potions and ingredients.

These such oddities, in the form of beautifully crafted decorative cloches have often been known to find their way into some of our grander spaces, from the Ham Yard Library and Drawing Room, to the penthouse suite at The Whitby Hotel.

Whilst you might be in a space of luxury, I like to bring a little whimsy and intrigue to remind people that these grand spaces don’t have to be serious.

Colourful mushrooms, beautifully arranged starfish and flowers make their way into our interiors at every turn.


My ‘Mythical Creatures’ range was originally developed as part of my collection with Chelsea Textiles.

Both in the Anrep Room at The Whitby Hotel and Room 109 at Charlotte Street Hotel, the whimsical world of my creatures comes to life in their own folkloric landscape. It is so magical and fun to know they have somewhere to roam.

My mythical creatures were derived from mythology, folklore and ancient textiles to create the magic that they evoke and they seem to spring up everywhere.

In my latest collection with Andrew Martin and at my pop up at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, these prancing creatures are ever present. You can read more about the use of fantastical creatures in our design HERE.

I hope these references help you to conjure up some of your own magic at home – it’s always fun to bring in a twist of the things you love to make your home personal and humorous!

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