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The Power of the Flower

Having heard so much about the wonderful spectacle of Gifford Circus, I went to see it for myself. This year, the producer Nell Gifford has taken inspiration from the Flower Power movement of the 1960s & 70s; where hippies, hipsters, wild women and nomads gathered together to sing, dance and perform.

I was struck by their bright floral costumes, as the colours popped and paisley patterns swirled in true 70s style.

Throughout the late 1960s and 70s, flowers came to symbolise peace, as protesters placed flowers down the barrel of the onlooking soldiers guns.

Here at Firmdale Hotels, we have created a floral pattern that is reminiscent of a 70s Flower Power, but reworked to create a more contemporary feel. It is called Tasha’s Trip, one of my latest fabrics for Christopher Farr Cloth. We also designed a tight stripe call Peace and Love to match this bold fabric.

In Room 105 at Haymarket Hotel we have used Tasha’s Trip in the hot pink colourway. The colour is echoed in different fabrics and patterns throughout the room, creating a sense of harmony.

At Crosby Street Hotel in Room 1101 in New York we have used Tasha’s Trip in the Berry colourway to create a bold and happy scheme.

Like the hippies, hipsters, wild women and nomads of the 60s, we hope that you are filled with feelings of peace and love when you stay in these flower filled bedrooms.

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