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The Power of a Cushion

With interior design, where every detail counts, there’s one often underrated hero: the humble cushion. Cushions are not just pretty soft accents for seating, but powerful tools for transforming a space. With their ability to inject colour, texture, and personality into any room, cushions have the magical power to lift the ambience and add cosiness. Join us on today’s blog as we explore our cushions available on Shop Kit Kemp and how best to use them in your home.


Texture instantly adds depth and warmth to any room. At Shop Kit Kemp, cushions crafted from tactile textiles such as boiled wool, linens, textured weaves, or with added details like embroidery, and applique, showcase the power of texture in transforming a room. Whether it’s the rustic charm of boiled wool or the understated elegance of linen, each cushion invites tactile exploration and enhances the ambience.


At our Design Studio, we are passionate about patterns—the bolder the better! Our latest collections with GP & J Baker and Annie Selke are bursting with vibrant patterns, whether they’re florals, abstract designs, or geometric motifs. These bold patterns and vibrant colours translate perfectly onto our cushions, adding a pop of personality to any space. Whether you’re drawn to the whimsy of florals, the energy of abstract designs, or the sophistication of geometric patterns, our cushions are sure to make a statement in your home.

Story and Whimsy

A cushion may seem small, but it’s a storyteller, introducing characters and sending tongue-in-cheek messages. In our latest collaboration with textile artist Maria Yiannikkou, each cushion is a canvas depicting seafaring adventures and ocean scenes, hand-block printed with meticulous care. These pieces transport you to distant shores, where tales of exploration and discovery await. Our Fine Cell Work collection is full of cushions and pouches adorned with charming depictions of our beloved and faithful companions, dogs!

Scale Play

When it comes to cushions, size matters – but so does mixing it up! Mix and match different sizes to create visual interest and depth, layering large cushions at the back for support and smaller ones in front for a dynamic look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting shapes and textures, from square to round and everything in between. Read more about do’s and don’ts styling with cushions in our blog here.


Colour is the essence of cushion design, offering endless possibilities for expression. Mix vibrant hues for a bold statement or opt for a harmonious, neutral palette to create a serene ambience.

Explore our extensive selection of colourful and characterful cushions at Shop Kit Kemp here.

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