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The Power of the Curve

In a world dominated by angular lines, the magic of curves in interior design lies with the ability to imbue spaces with a sense of softness, fluidity and timelessness. Explore how we’ve embraced a curvaceous design approach to elevate architectural elements within our spaces…

Windows are the eyes to the soul of a room. The gentle arc of a curved window frame softens the edges, allowing natural light to dance gracefully into the space. Curved windows not only break away from conventional rectangular monotony, but they also embrace a sense of charm.

Opting for curved walls over stark partitions introduces a fluidity that fosters a seamless flow between spaces. These organic lines not only generate visual interest, but also redefine room boundaries, instilling a sense of intentionality, openness and invitation.

This curved niche enclosure at The Potting Shed makes for a cosy eating experience – especially during the colder months. It invites guests to enjoy their meals with a sense of intimacy.

Make a chic entrance by replacing conventional angular doors and openings with organic, round shapes that instantly make a statement. The graceful sweep of a curved door adds a touch of grandeur, inviting you into a world of comfort and style.

A spiral staircase not only maximises space, but also introduces an element of architectural intrigue. The ascent becomes a journey – an experience that transcends the function of traversing between levels.

At Ham Yard Hotel’s Dive Bar, a giant, curvaceous juice bar stands as a quirky centrepiece, showcasing how unique and playful curves add both visual interest and a touch of wit to the space.

Let’s not overlook columns! While they are often structural necessities, introducing a graceful curve to these elements brings a sense of rhythm and flow to a space. It transforms them into architectural statements, rather than mere supports.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ode to the curve. Share with us ways you’ve incorporated curved elements in your homes and projects on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.

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