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The Power of Context: Same Design, Different Space

In the realm of interiors, we encounter a fascinating phenomenon. The same fabric, furniture piece, or lighting fixture can transform into an entirely different entity based on its location. From artworks to textiles, join us as we explore and compare the same design in different spaces.


Our Chainstitch fabric in its natural oatmeal hue, graces the sofas in The Soho Hotel’s Terrace Suite and Ham Yard Hotel’s Library…

Whereas at Covent Garden Hotel, the walls of the Lyric Room adorn ‘Chainstitch’ and in this context, our fabric design takes on a completely different persona! Explore our Fortune & Lyric rooms here.

Clay Chandeliers

We’re captivated by clay chandeliers and they take centre stage in Haymarket Hotel’s Shooting Gallery. The very same chandelier creates a contrasting appearance when seen in the contemporary surroundings of our Dive Bar at Ham Yard Hotel.

Artwork by Jack Milroy

We love collecting art and often we come across an artist that we just cannot get enough of. Above the sofa in the Conservatory at Haymarket Hotel, you’ll find an artwork called ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’. Jack Milroy’s creations are playful with wit at the core of each artwork.

At Ham Yard Hotel’s Soholistic Spa, Jack Milroy’s interpretation of Ophelia takes form. Masterfully constructed from a medley of materials, his surgical precision with the scalpel ensures a detailed view from every angle.

Ceramic Pots

Martha Freud’s exquisite ceramic pots take on a new life depending on their surroundings. In The Potting Shed at Dorset Square Hotel, there are 192 handmade pots that illuminate with cricketing sayings such as ‘how to cure a cricketer’s red nose: drink ’til it’s purple’!

Meanwhile, in the Orangery at The Whitby Bar, porcelain pots celebrate New York’s skyline with their etchings of iconic landmarks.

At Ham Yard Restaurant, Freud’s ceramic pots pay homage to the oak trees which grace the hotel’s courtyard. Visit our ‘Meet the Maker’ blog post with Martha Freud here.

Kit’s Wing Chair

A modern twist on the traditional English wing chair, our ‘Kit’s Wing’ holds endless possibilities. This contemporary shape makes a bold statement, as shown here in Ham Yard Hotel’s lobby.

Or, as seen here at Haymarket Hotel’s Townhouse, the Wing Chair makes the perfect addition to cosy corners. Explore Kit’s Wing Chairs at Shop Kit Kemp.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the impact that different locations can have on an item. When it comes to design, it’s all about the power of context!

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