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The Noble Wood

Today, we wanted to talk about one of our favourite materials. A humble yet noble and warm material that we use constantly, wood.

Wooden furniture can create a very sophisticated look, but also a very relaxed one. It’s durable, it gets more interesting with time, and it’s available in many different shades. It’s so versatile and timeless that it’s always a must in our interiors.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to discover and collect many extraordinary pieces, and I would love to show you some of my favourites.

A very special piece is this 19th century secretaire at Covent Garden Hotel. This oversized piece takes centre stage and makes us wonder about its former uses. Made in Japan, it was always intended to be sold in Europe and with its beautiful marquetry and secret drawers, I like to imagine that it was in the house of an important but mysterious businessman. We have juxtaposed the solid structure of the secretaire with a sleek, contemporary chair by John Stefanidis.

Another favourite piece is actually in my home and it is a Spanish bargueño. Bargueños were portable pieces used to transport papers that could also be used as a desk. I find this piece so different and authentic, and at the same time so rich but simple in its design. I love the contrast between the geometric decorations at the top and the rich Baroque Solomonic legs. It looks wonderful and less serious surrounded by lively colours such as the orange and pink of my ‘One Way’ fabric.

A piece that you will often find in my interiors in many different forms is a good farmhouse table. I love them in every shape and colour. I like the patina the wax acquires over time, and that these pieces don’t need to be used as dining tables or in the kitchen. They often play a role for example in an entrance hallway or have a special place in your drawing room adorned with interesting objects.

They work very well in a traditional surrounding as seen here in the wood panelled Drawing Room at Covent Garden Hotel.

The same goes for more relaxed spaces. In this orangery, the simplicity of the white wooden table top creates a lovely contrast with the hand-painted Masons Ironstone porcelain with its ornate imari pattern. I love how my fun candlesticks placed between them adds a little twist.

A smaller table can make a wonderful addition to your living room or bedroom.

As a general rule, a dark mahogany or a dark timber would look heavier and more traditional, while a light painted or light oak piece of furniture would look more refreshing. I like both, and quite often I will use them together! I think it is always good to mix different finishes so the space looks layered and “alive”.

One of my designs, the plank table is a modern light oak piece that always works very well. We have used it in many of our rooms and it’s a very solid statement piece.

There are an infinite number of ways you can use wood within your interiors, its varying tones and warmth make it versatile enough to use with virtually any colour palette.

Whether through flooring, furniture, art or sculpture, why not see how you can work wood into your own interior to achieve a timeless and layered look.

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