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The Museum of Brands

Our recent visit to the Museum of Brands has sparked thoughts on how packaging and branding can serve as an everyday source of inspiration within our living spaces. These seemingly mundane elements silently shape our perceptions and ignite creativity. From the intricate details of packaging to bold colours and vibrant patterns, they leave a lasting imprint on our minds, especially in our Design Studio.

Without realising it, we draw inspiration from our immediate environment, with iconic packaging colour schemes often influencing our interior designs. For example, the timeless branding of Colman’s English Mustard inspired a beautiful yellow and red room at Knightsbridge Hotel.

Throughout history, biscuit sales soared, with brands like Peek Frean Biscuits featuring on decorative tins that become cherished heirlooms. Even today, these vintage tins adorn our shelves, serving as decorative pieces for our collected trinkets and treasures.

Packaging and branding reflect cultural trends, such as the bold and carefree style of British Pop culture in the 1960s. This influence can be seen in our striking and bright applique designs, like the headboard at Covent Garden Hotel, inspired by the minimalist design of a Pepsi advert.

The artistry behind iconic packaging tells a story and evokes emotions, much like original interior design should convey. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and inspiration found in the everyday.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at how branding and packaging can lead to inspiration. You can find the Museum of Brands at 111-117 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QT.

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