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The Library at The Soho Hotel

Pass under the nose of a purring Botero cat, and down the red carpet at The Soho Hotel you will find the Library: a safe haven with wood panelled walls, framed mythological maps, old leather bound books and digeridoos.

Two large Pippa Sofas dominate the room; these have been embroidered with individual flowers and petals. The soft boiled wool panels have been embroidered together with lime green flashes, yellow ochres and sages.

The sofa cushions are a combination of Galbraith & Paul ‘Ovals’ Baker and Grey ‘Albizia & Bee’ embroidered fabric, brought together with Doral Mimosa leather hide.

Two Whitby Chairs sit either side of the fireplace. We like using a combination of two fabrics and a lovely flat braid to make these distressed elm chairs extra special.

We have used my ‘Bookend’ fabric for Christopher Farr on a little sofa that sits in a cosy nook, working with the honey coloured Leo chair. A set of Gustave Klimt sketches in golden frames are a focal point above. Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna secession movement. Early on in his career, he was a successful painter of architectural decorations.

I can just imagine him legs up on the Three Plank Oak coffee table, applying the final flecks of gold leaf to a painting inspired by this opulent yet understated room.

I have used two found antique fabrics to cover the large wing chairs to give the room some vibrancy. I’ve also included a contemporary piece by Joe Tilson above the Stone Jamb fireplace that reads “Secret” – and yes, we would like you to keep this one please.

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