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The Importance of Rugs and How We Use Them

A rug can transform any space by adding colour, texture and style. Whether contemporary or traditional, a rug can completely change how a room looks and feels. A rug can either sit in harmony with the room or can become the focal point, making a bold statement.

Corridors are often considered to be dead spaces. A hallway runner can create a visual pathway that draws the eye to connecting rooms. At The Soho Hotel our ‘Batik’ rug from my collection for Wilton Carpets forms a regal red carpet leading guests through the hotel.

In the drawing room at The Soho Hotel, my ‘By Way’ design from this collection creates a vibrant base to the scheme. A classic herringbone pattern is given a new lease of life with a cheery colour combination.

At Knightsbridge Hotel we worked on our own bespoke rug using strong blue and red tones which ground the scheme and pull it all together.

In contrast to a statement rug, a traditional Persian rug will sit in harmony in almost any room. The natural vegetable dyes and the variations in colour create an artisanal feel which works well with contemporary or traditional fabrics.

I also collaborated with Christopher Farr Cloth to create two strong and very usable rug designs. Egg and Dart sits pride of place in the Meadow Suite at Crosby Street Hotel. This graphic rug is made from a combination of jute and wool, creating a natural texture and colour. The rug appears monotone but on closer inspection there are smaller circles of primary colours, which work well in any scheme.

‘Pebbledash’ is another versatile rug made from a fantastic mix of earthy tones and textures, as the name implies.

These organic tones can also be seen at Charlotte Street Hotel. We created a series of rugs inspired by Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and the colour palette often used by the Bloomsbury Group.

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