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The Four Elements – Part 2

Last week, we explored how the natural elements, air and water, have inspired our designs. Now, we are going to show you how the identity of the fire and earth elements can be interpreted in different ways, giving our interiors character and a point of view.

Earth – Organic and Natural

As one of the four classical elements, earth is associated with abundance, fertility and balance. In such a complex year of lockdowns and isolation, our appreciation for nature has become even more important.

The juxtaposition of the abundant trees outside Ham Yard Hotel along with Tony Cragg’s sculpture creates a calming oasis in the heart of Soho. The organic shapes of the sculpture and the leaves of the oak trees create a symphony of nature.

At Crosby Street Hotel in New York, the lobby becomes a still life to admire. The wooden bench, as the main focus point, is adorned by flowers in different scales and colours. In the background, an artwork by Anselm Kiefer in oil and acrylic adds to the dramatic tone of nature. Finally, the resin dogs covered in Beano magazine comic strips add a fun touch!

Fire – Warmth and Comfort

Represented by the colour red, fire symbolises energy, passion and enthusiasm. Many of our schemes are centred around the element of fire, with fireplaces acting as the focus point when creating a warm and inviting scheme.

There is always a composition that becomes clear when working around a fireplace. Two sofas or a pair of armchairs in a semi-circle around the fireplace create the base to a cosy and comfortable space. In the centre of this, you would add a coffee table. An art piece above the fireplace is the final stroke that puts everything together and emphasizes the importance of the fireplace.

At Charlotte Street Hotel, the fireplace divides the room, framed by symmetrical bookshelves and wing chairs mirrored either side. The composition of this room makes the fireplace the protagonist of the space.

At Covent Garden Hotel, we added a special touch by creating a club fender that goes around the fireplace, making it the star of the show.

As you can see, in one way or another our spaces reflect the four elements. They create a narrative and different atmospheres within the hotels. Which element is your favourite and which one do you think represents you best?

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