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The Devil is in the Detail

If you have been reading our weekly blog posts, you are probably an expert in interior design by now!

We have been sharing lots of tips, dos and don’ts and we have even written a book with our design secrets. We love to share what we’ve learnt in all these years and perhaps save you from making one or two mistakes.

Today, we want to go a step further and run a masterclass… What else are they going to say you are probably wondering. Well, if there is one thing that we are proud of, it is that our hotels do not look like hotels. It never feels like you are in a public space. It feels rather like visiting a friend’s house. We like to think that is largely down to the bespoke personalised feeling.

Here are some tips to master that individual look…

1. Piping an unexpected colour
An unexpected piping adds sharpness to an interior. A bright or contrasting colour will “trap” your eye and immediately add a bespoke feel.

The same applies to curtains. A linen curtain will look fresh and elegant, but with a leading edge it takes on a new character. The depth of a headboard, the plinth of a valance – all of them can be personalised by adding a different fabric and this will make a crucial difference to how you feel stepping into the room.

2. A touch of red
Red can sometimes feel overpowering. However, a bit of red keeps the room alive. It catches your eye. I love to mix it with black and white for an edgy feel, with blue for a more romantic setting or with any combination you think might work. It doesn’t have to be bold or take centre stage, it can be something very small like an object or a fabric in the cushions.

3. Art
Any art in a room needs to be meaningful and please your senses. It does not necessarily need to be a very significant piece. It could be an object carrying personal or aesthetic value. We have framed almost anything: porcelain, fabrics, plastic insects, pages of a book and even toys!

4. Don’t forget the subtle details that can’t be seen – through smell and touch
Perfume, candles or a nice soft blanket. A scent creates a sense of true luxury, as do fabrics you want to touch. One of my key design mantras has always been “never use a fabric you would not sit on in the nude.” Small sensitive items make you feel comfortable and encourage you to linger.

5. Embrace quirkiness
It’s often quirky, unusual pieces that suddenly create memorable character in a living space. It almost feels as if you’ve been invited in to listen to the tales of times gone by and stories of how they came to be there.

Don’t underestimate the power of detail. Sometimes rooms aren’t perfect in shape or size, but if you decorate them carefully and add the right details, the experience can be highly memorable. People will leave feeling restored and rejuvenated with fond memories of such a personal and inviting interior.

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