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The Craft of Weaving Wood & Plants

The artistry of weaving wood and plant fibers is both intricate and versatile, lending itself to a myriad of applications. Within this craft, there is an array of weaving techniques, each adding its own unique flair to the final product. On today’s blog, we would like to share how we have used the craft of wood weaving and plant fibers in our designs.

Swinging delicately from the ceiling of Ham Yard Hotel’s Roof Terrace are handcrafted orbs, meticulously woven from wood, suspended at varying heights to create a captivating visual symphony. Beneath these enchanting orbs, our carefully selected outdoor furniture, crafted from durable woven sisal rope, harmonises effortlessly with the surroundings, infusing the space with a sense of cohesion and style.

In other settings, we’ve utilised woven lampshades to infuse chandeliers and lamps with an extra dimension of depth and texture, allowing light to dance gracefully through the intricately woven patterns, casting enchanting shadows that captivate the senses.

Step into the lobby of Warren Street Hotel, and you’ll be greeted by the luxurious embrace of one of our newest creations, the ‘Zig Zag’ grass cloth wallcovering, designed exclusively for Christopher Farr. Its finely textured surface adds a layer of richness and warmth, extending a grand welcome to all who enter.

In this suite at Warren Street Hotel we have used another grass cloth wallcovering ‘Monsoon’ on the walls, its natural fibers delicately woven to create a tapestry of subtle elegance. Crafted from a blend of hemp, jute, seagrass, and sisal, this wallcovering is a testament to both luxury and sustainability.

Venture into Warren Street Hotel’s restaurant, and you’ll discover a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary flair, with Pierre Frey’s classic grass cloth design adorning the walls, juxtaposed against vibrant, modern artworks, creating a dynamic visual tapestry that speaks to the soul.

Cristián Mohaded’s floating towers, handwoven using traditional basketry techniques from Northern Argentina, evokes a sense of whimsy and wonder, their natural fibers intertwining to create a breathtaking spectacle that defies gravity.

Not to be overlooked are the PET lamps, crafted from recycled plastic bottles and woven with natural fibers, casting a joyful glow that radiates warmth and positivity throughout the space, a testament to the beauty of sustainability and innovation.

Finally, nestled at the end of the garden at Number Sixteen, stands a woven wooden pagoda, a tranquil oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. Its lattice wood design exudes serenity, offering a peaceful retreat by the gentle murmurs of a narrow koi pond.

We hope these examples ignite your imagination and inspire you to incorporate the timeless beauty of woven wood and plant fibers into your own designs.

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