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Talking Trimmings with Willow Kemp & Christopher Farr

Watch as Willow Kemp and Michal Silver talk trimmings and how the finer details within a scheme are so important.

'We had been talking trims, Kit and myself for over two years and everything we do together is a conversation. The most important element with the passementerie collection was finding the craftspeople who could collaborate and develop our ideas.' - Michal Silver

'The starting point was our Travelling Light design, we gave the pattern to a group of artisans who are real masters of their craft, and trusted them to interpret it in their way. When you commission an artist, you have their starting point and you let them run with it.' - Willow Kemp

With inspiration ranging from a ribbon found in Kit's drawer, to the artist Terry Frost's love of the Cornish landscape; the trimmings collection is a play on the traditional, bringing colour, fun and vitality.

CLICK HERE to explore the collection.

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