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Tale of the Townhouse

Full of charm, London townhouses have an iconic architectural presence in London. We think of London to be like a cluster of villages with its rows of townhouses cascading the streets. They truly make the visual fabric of this glorious city. Townhouses have a variety of styles from Georgian and Victorian to Regency. Before the Industrial Revolution, the townhouse was a city residence for affluent families who would spend their time in the capital during social seasons. When we designed our collection of townhouse hotels, we took the opportunity to utilise the architectural and historical elements of each site and create spaces to make guests feel like local residents. We wanted to capture that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Our townhouses celebrate London, its history, its culture and of course, its charm. Join us as we explore our three townhouse hotels: Knightsbridge Hotel, Number Sixteen and Dorset Square Hotel.

Knightsbridge Hotel is a collection of three Georgian townhouses nestled in a quiet, leafy cul-de-sac within Beaufort Gardens which is a short walk from Harrods, Hyde Park and The Victoria and Albert Museum. Our intention was to reflect the local area through an eclectic collection of sculptural artworks, objects and strong colours which celebrate a myriad of cultures and traditions. We also wanted to create a calm sanctuary where you can escape the outside hustle and bustle and nestle into our communal spaces with a good book or a Dirty Martini from the honesty bar. It truly delivers the comfort of being in your own home.

Number Sixteen is a collection of pure white stucco buildings in the heart of South Kensington. Situated near museums, galleries and Kensington Gardens, the hotel contains a series of rooms that intend to take you on an intimate adventure. Here you’ll find rooms filled with collections of unique florals, objects and artworks which add a sense of familiarity and quirkiness.

Number Sixteen is also home to a tranquil garden filled with beautiful greenery and trees. It is accessed through the window wall of the Orangery which allows views going all the way to our gazebo at the end of the garden. Here you can eat, drink and relax in a light and uplifting environment. Fun bright colours complement the space, as do the pink walls which create a soft and warm terracotta glow.

Dorset Square Hotel is a regency townhouse built on the site of Dorset Fields which was Thomas Lord’s original cricket ground and the first hotel we opened in 1985. We wanted this space to celebrate the site’s history so throughout the townhouse you’ll see echoes of cricket memorabilia and fun details. Similar to how homes tell a story about family, Dorset Square Hotel tells a story about its rich past through photography, collected objects and heirlooms. It overlooks the garden square, so on a sunny day you can access the garden, sit in the gazebo and experience London like you’re a local resident.

Dorset Square Hotel is also home to The Potting Shed. This restaurant and bar is in a unique space with different levels and walls that jut out in all directions. To celebrate these features, we have used a variety of green tones of paint on the walls, creating a subtle difference between spaces. Explore the space further here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our collection of Townhouse Hotels and the stories they share. Come and visit us at one of them soon!

London Townhouse Hotels
Knightsbridge Hotel | Number Sixteen | Dorset Square Hotel

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