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Symbols of Winter in Design

As the temperature drops and daylight fades, we welcome the season of cosy sweaters, indulgent hot chocolate and cherished moments with loved ones. Join us as we unveil the captivating symbols of the season intricately woven into our designs.

The passionate hue of red, synonymous with love and strength, mirrors the vibrancy of holly bushes in winter. Below at Crosby Street Hotel, a favourite red-walled scheme, adorned with warmth, cheer and a crackling fireplace, encapsulates the essence of the season.

Snowflakes, symbols of winter’s beauty, embody purity and hope for the New Year. Our Rik Rak Snow Globe for Spode, featuring a whimsical elephant on a ball, dances to a joyous tune amidst continuous snowfall.

Evergreens are often used during winter festivities as they promise hope due to their ability to thrive in the winter’s harsh embrace. Adorning our Christmas trees and mantlepieces, these resilient greens embody endurance and eternal life, echoing the promise of brighter days.

Poinsettias and holly, heralds of winter’s celebration, grace holiday settings with messages of peace and goodwill, creating sacred moments on tables and mantlepieces.

The mighty polar bear, symbolic of winter’s fortitude, finds a place in our designs at Crosby Street Hotel, showcased in a bookcase and mirror.

The reindeer, a symbol of resourcefulness and safe travels, comes to life at the Whitby Hotel, offering an interactive experience in the heart of New York City.

Doves symbolise peace and innocence. In Crosby Street Hotel’s event rooms, hand cut and appliqued doves grace the back of the chairs, adding that special detail to the space.

The harp, a melody of winter, not only resonates with joy but symbolises wisdom and divine harmony. Featured in our unique side tables and hand-embroidered headboard at The Soho Hotel, it enriches spaces with its beauty and cultural resonance.

We hope we have inspired you to incorporate symbols of winter into your designs this festive season!

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