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Swing from the Chandeliers!

Throughout history chandeliers have been considered the ultimate objects of opulence. They capture the imagination and demand attention. A perfectly scaled chandelier in an entrance, dining room or bedroom can take a space from flat to fabulous.

Chandeliers are so captivating, they have often taken key roles in movies, theatre productions and song lyrics. In the opening scene of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ you’ll see a larger-than-life chandelier which flies above the audience and crashes into the stage. In Shawn Levy’s film ‘ Cheaper by the Dozen’, a father of twelve finds himself in a predicament when he and his son are caught hanging from a chandelier! In 2014 musical artist Sia released her hit song ‘Chandelier’.

A chandelier will often feature multiple tiers and multiple light bulbs. As the light from a chandelier is a non-direct light, it is used for ambient lighting. With a warm glow, they often bring a little or a lot of sparkle. Here at Knightsbridge Hotel, this suite features an iron candelabra with crystal prisms. It perfectly balances the room and fills the space with elegance.

Taking a more contemporary approach, is this chandelier in our Townhouse at Haymarket Hotel. It has unexpected rigid arms with cast iron petals which are topped with shades. The glow creates the perfect dinner party light.

In the Crosby Suite at Crosby Street Hotel, the drawing room features a prominent hanging fixture. It boasts all of the traditional elements of an old world chandelier, but with the most unexpected of materials. White wire frame creates the column, bowl, arms and prisms to create a fascinating look.

In the Shooting Gallery at Haymarket Hotel, the grandeur and scale of its chandeliers command attention and create a layer of drama. Composed of clay beads, the earthy colour and texture add a layer of interest to this events space.

If you’re after a little more glam in your space, a chandelier is a guaranteed way to create a luxurious atmosphere. From pop culture to those in our own homes, we love the joy and sparkle a chandelier brings. Thank you for joining our celebration of this timeless lighting fixture.

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