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You would be mistaken if you thought the Jubilee celebrations ended on Monday! To mark and continue celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 20 million seeds have been sown in the moat at The Tower of London. Over the summer the flowers will morph and create a beautiful landscape, bringing elegance to an urban area. The landscape will transform into something rare yet magical as it becomes carpeted with thousands of blooms.

A pathway guides visitors through the immersion. A raised platform of woven willow called the ‘Nest’ was sculpted by Spencer Jenkins and allows visitors to fully embrace and engage with nature. This space now enables a more biodiverse habitat for wildlife. Superbloom at the Tower of London is open to visitors from June 1st until September 18th with the landscape changing as flowers evolve, from pale shades of green to vibrant pinks, purples, oranges and blues. This year’s numerous seeds planted are said to have been inspired by the Queen’s 1953 Coronation gown.

The moat has been home to famous and iconic attractions in the past. In 2014 a ceramic poppy display marked the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Over five million people visited this poignant display.

The Superbloom symbolises the Queen’s Jubilee, but it also reminds us of the power nature has and its importance in our world. It brings a sense of colour and texture into our environment. We were reminded of this by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough. In their speech on Sunday’s ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’, they emphasised the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Flowers are not only a symbol of nature but also happiness and beauty.

We see throughout our schemes how flowers can transport us, from floral arrangements to headboards and wallpapers. Flowers play a starring role. So, take a stroll from our hotels to the Tower and experience the power of the flower! For tickets and information, click here.

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