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Suites and Sandwiches!

Here at our Design Studio, we are constantly on the go. With such a busy schedule, it’s important to have quick, easy meal options and that’s why we love a good sandwich!

Just as a sandwich is made up of different layers, interior design is also about layering different elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing space. The bread acts as the base, just as walls and flooring provide a foundation for an overall design. The assortment of fillings are like furniture in a space, adding colour, texture and dazzling with character. A sandwich needs balance between its components and interior design also requires that between different design elements. Who would’ve thought the two were inextricably connected! We thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite sandwiches and hotel suites!

A classic Club Sandwich…
oom 502 at The Soho Hotel

Classic BLT with extra mayo!
Apartment 1 Richmond Buildings

Smoked salmon & cucumber bagel…
The Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel

Tuna & cucumber baguette…
Room 216 at The Soho Hotel

Egg & watercress sandwich…
Room 211 at Covent Garden Hotel

Australian classic salad sandwich…
The Oak Leaf Suite at Ham Yard Hotel

Ham & cheese toastie…
Room 1408 at The Whitby Hotel

And finally our favourite sausage ‘sarnis’…
Frida and Diego!!

Whether we’re designing a space or enjoying a sandwich together, we’re always finding ways to incorporate creativity into every aspect of our work. Also helping to keep things delicious, is our Executive Head Chef, Joe Fox. Get to know Joe in our blog post here.

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