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Suite 205 at Crosby Street Hotel – A Change of Seasons

June is a month of transition, a time between seasons. The fresh feeling of spring is still in the air but long summer evenings are just around the corner.

Suite 205 at Crosby Street Hotel always reminds us of this change from spring to summer. It is both fresh and warm, floral and summery – everything at the same time.

The walls in the drawing room capture the feeling of spring, lined in a floral pattern. To avoid the scheme becoming too traditional, we added geometric patterns such as my ‘Woven Ribbon’ stripe design on the sofa combined with my ‘Lost and Found’ fabric for Christopher Farr on the contemporary armchair. ‘Lost and Found’ in green and blue always feels light and fresh; it works perfectly with the curtains in a plain sky-blue linen with a geometric fabric on the leading edge.

We added modern elements, such as the mirror on top of the fireplace and our Perspex lamp on the Circular Ruler Side Table. These contemporary pieces make the room timeless and, at the same time, the scheme feels far from traditional.

The introduction of yellow in the bedroom adds a touch of warmth to the refreshing palette of blue and green. Combined with the green Peggy Angus fabric on the headboard and curtains, it creates a strong ‘citrus’ feel in the scheme.

We used the same fabric on the curtains and the headboard to prevent the room from looking too busy.

We used ‘Woven Ribbon’ again on the end-of-bed-stool. Repeating fabrics from the drawing room creates a sense of harmony by linking the rooms together. It keeps your eyes moving through the space, absorbing the fresh and vibrant colours.

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