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Suite 1006 at Crosby Street Hotel

Welcome to suite 1006 at Crosby Street Hotel. This brand new scheme is full of texture and colour, from beaded lights to delicate embroidery and playful patterns. You are sure to be charmed at every turn. Join us as we take a closer look.

The light filled drawing room glows with luxurious detail. The walls are covered in Fermoie’s ‘Wave’ linen in light blue. Featuring a flowing and rhythmic wave pattern, it creates a sense of calm and ease throughout the room. Pops of rosy pink, sunshine yellow, and grassy green balance the blues and keep the scheme feeling fresh and fun.

Our Willow sofa, upholstered in Christopher Farr’s lively Criss Cross design, is complemented by two neatly proportioned tub chairs embroidered with playful flowers, vines and leaves.

At the opposite end of the room, you’ll find the dining area, which brings with it a touch of whimsy and a bold pop of red, which we’ve introduced across the chairs. Blue and red always zing so well together and are great for injecting a burst of energy into a space. Eclectic lights hang above the table, bringing with them texture, pattern and craft.

If we take a closer look at some of the details in the drawing room, you’ll see a hand embroidered cushion. Its intricate details are astounding and the 3D petals make a real statement. Next to this you can see the stitches and embroidered crosses that make up our Criss Cross fabric. They’re simple and playful and only something you can really see once you get up close, which is part of the fun.

It’s all in the details with the chairs too! The tub chairs are upholstered in our Araminta fabric on wool. This custom colourway allowed us to have a lot of fun and we piped the chair in a deep ruby red to mirror the headboard in the bedroom.

The dining chairs are upholstered in a textural fabric on the body of the chair. We love its patchwork effect and detail. A contrasting baby blue wool is used on the edges and a forest green leather piping is used to divide the two fabrics. An extra special touch that makes these chairs totally unique.

A show stopping headboard commands the bedroom. Featuring painted flowers and tumbling leaves, it has a fresh and easygoing effect on the space. Using a neutral base cloth on the headboard allows the jewel toned embroidery to really make a statement. We’ve matched it with the tub chair in the living room to create a conversation between the two spaces.

The curtains’ designs have a shapely, hand-painted feel that contrasts beautifully with the geometry of the fabric on the window cushion behind.

Our signature Firmdale Mannequin is covered in a bold fabric and a touch of detail is added with a belt.

We hope you enjoyed exploring Suite 1006 at Crosby Street Hotel. Let us know what you think of our scheme on Instagram @kitkempdesignthread.

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