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Standout Storage

Storage is essential; from a neat bedside table to a monumental armoire or a practical chest of drawers, there are so many options available. With so much choice, the prospect of finding the perfect piece can be daunting. We have picked out some of our favourite pieces of storage throughout the hotels to help inspire you.

Painted Furniture

We love painted furniture and the hand-crafted feel it brings to a room. We are continually inspired by the Bloomsbury Group’s hand-painted furniture at Charleston house, and we are also drawn to the beautifully worn illustrations of folk art chests and Swedish armoires. At Ham Yard Hotel, one of our most popular pieces is the striking writing bureau in the Drawing Room. The timber bureau is hand painted in warm rusty oranges and inky blues. It holds its own against the strong walling and contemporary artwork by Eileen Cooper.

The bureau is a work of art in itself and a real talking point. We thought it would be amazing to replicate this beauty by miniaturising it right down to 40cm in height and filling each compartment with Shop Kit Kemp items. The Mini Bureau is our advent calendar for all year round.

Nestled inside is our patchwork Mr Fizz dog key-ring made from recycled fabrics. You will also find RIKRAK products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, eye cream, lip balm, a Friendly Flower soap bar, hand cream and candles. Discover our signature striped pencils and a special notebook featuring our own embroidered fabrics with gold leaf edging. Last but not least, you will find a silk pocket square in our Rick Rack design with a hand sewn border.

Decorative chests

If you have a simple backdrop then it could be a great opportunity to use a decorative chest. These two rooms at Covent Garden Hotel have neutral painted or fabric walling, so we have used these pearl inlay chest of drawers. The pink and black subtly pick out the colours from the scheme.

Upholstered chest

Last year, for our collaboration with Andrew Martin, we decided to upholster a chest of drawers in my ‘Over the Moon’ fabric. The chest has a soft padding in between the fabric and the chest, which adds a tailored and luxurious feel. Upholstering furniture is a great way of incorporating another fabric design in a room scheme. Continue the fun by including a coloured felt inside the drawers. It is always a pleasure to create a playful element of surprise.

Out there pieces

Recently we have refurbished The Terrace Suite at Ham Yard Hotel. Our favourite part of this suite is the Dolls House which radiates innocent charm. The house, which doubles as a cabinet, is beautifully detailed in a neoclassical style. Inside we have supplied our guests with a record player and a selection of beverages. Who would have thought that when you opened the dolls house, you would get a drinks party! It is a wonderfully playful addition to any interior.

At Haymarket Hotel, in the drawing room of apartment 212 there is an interesting jagged chest of drawers. We found this unique piece in France, it has varying drawer sizes that jut out in different areas and play with balance and scale.

Think outside the box and get creative. A lot of people treat storage as an afterthought, but by combining function with form you can create something extraordinary.

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