Room 1102 at Warren Street Hotel

Sleeping Around

Welcome to suite 1102 at Warren Street Hotel, where a soothing ambience and elegant design create a peaceful retreat...

Welcome to suite 1102 at Warren Street Hotel, where a soothing ambience and elegant design create a peaceful retreat. The suite’s décor, marked by softer tones, contrasts beautifully with the bolder schemes found elsewhere in the hotel, offering a unique and refreshing experience.

Upon entering Suite 1102, you are immediately embraced by an atmosphere of calm, akin to feeling a sea breeze amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Soft off-white and light blue tones envelop the room, harmonising perfectly with the light-coloured hardwood floors. A large Crittal window reveals a stunning city view, while the suite’s tranquil ambiance offers a serene oasis for guests to unwind and find inspiration.

Despite its softer colour palette, the suite’s drawing room is rich in character and charm. The room features a well-balanced, slightly vintage feel. Sourced items and details enhance its unique personality, including antique furniture pieces, artworks, and framed found silk textiles. Adding a funky touch is our ‘White Sunny Robin’ floor lamp, which brings warmth and uniqueness, making the suite feel both homely and elegant.

The bedroom feels dreamy, promising a rejuvenating night’s sleep with its blue tones wrapping around in linen walling fabric and blue-green accents echoed in the furnishings, artwork, textiles, and even the Crittal window frames. The bed stands out with our signature statement headboard, upholstered our embroidered ‘Ashenwood’ fabric made in collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. This unique embroidery, made by hand using English wool, provides a bespoke and individual touch. Sections of the fabric have been used as trim on the curtains to frame, but not distract from, the stunning view. It’s also featured on the bedspread.

Next to the fireplace, we’ve placed a ‘Kit’s Wing Chair’, upholstered in Chelsea Textiles’ ‘Toile de Joie’ fabric in Antique Blue. This fabric features fantastical scenes by Catalan artist Ramiro Fernandez Saus, with unexpected, poetic characters, adding a whimsical touch to the room.

An accent deep-buttoned back ‘Stuart’ chair and bed cushions in a paisley print fabric by Raoul Textiles add to the room’s charm. We have used our ‘Criss Cross’ fabric with Christopher Farr for the end-of-bed stool. To add a final playful touch and break from convention, we have used a bold piece of artwork featuring a dressed-up dog, designed to bring a smile to guests’ faces.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the charm of Suite 1102 at the Warren Street Hotel. For more stories from our ‘Sleeping Around’ series, click here.