Room 702 at Warren Street Hotel

Sleeping Around

Step into Room 702 at Warren Street Hotel, where spring's vibrant energy fills every corner...

Step into Room 702 at Warren Street Hotel, where spring’s vibrant energy fills every corner. The uplifting lime green walls of the dining and drawing room welcome you with the freshness of the outdoors, harmonising beautifully with the light-coloured hardwood floors in a natural washed finish, evoking an airy ambiance.

Adding a lively touch, pops of cyan blue inject further vitality, while whimsical details like birdhouses nestled among the books on the bookcase infuse the space with personality. We’ve also added texture through embroideries, trims, and appliqué designs.

Nestled in cosy nooks within the suite, you’ll find favorite pieces like the ‘Kit’s Wing Chair’—a contemporary take on the traditional English wing chair, designed to embrace and support you in comfort.

To balance the zingy colours, neutrals adorn the curtains, a plain two-tone fleck rug grounds the space, and artworks by the talented Hermione Skye seamlessly blend into the scheme, with mosaic-like paintings creating visual harmony through repetitive patterns and vibrant colours.

Through sleek pocket doors lies the calm bedroom, adorned with a green picket stripe on the headboard wall for a tailored feel. Playing with patterns, bold geometric designs are paired with florals, creating a balanced and intriguing space that breaks away from traditional design norms.

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We have used lamps crafted from antique balustrade molds on the desk, adding an unexpected element that delights the senses and adds to the room’s unique charm.