Welcome to Haymarket Hotel

Sleeping Around

Join u as we take a closer look at the charming lobby at Haymarket hotel...

Welcome to Haymarket Hotel, our charming hotel nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant theatre district. On today’s blog we are taking a closer look at the artwork in our welcoming lobby.

As you step into Haymarket Hotel, you’ll first notice the gleaming nickel plaque, a signature trademark of all Firmdale Hotels. Adorning this plaque is a whimsical sketch by our very own Design Director, Willow Kemp, featuring a mannequin with luscious lips, reflecting the funky flair of our hotel’s style. Explore Willow’s ‘Doodles’ tableware with Spode on Shop Kit Kemp to discover detailed sketches celebrating the joyous moments of everyday life.

Taking centre stage in our lobby is the dynamic sculpture by Sir Tony Cragg, aptly titled ‘Constant Change’. This captivating piece transforms as you move around it, revealing multiple profiles from different angles. At night, the sculpture beautifully reflects the flickering candlelight, casting a magical glow.

A vintage sofa beckons you to relax as you wait for your dinner companion, complemented by the similarly dressed ‘Kits Wing Chair’. Featuring a custom appliqué design mirroring the foliage theme of the soft furnishings, these pieces add a touch of elegance to the space.

Upon entering the lobby, you’ll be greeted by a burst of vibrant colours, textures, and décor. A dressing closet adorned with brilliant Pierre Frey embroideries adds a playful and whimsical touch. Majestic embroidered life-size characters dance around the exterior, sparking imaginations with rumours of the wardrobe being a portal to the Warren Street Hotel in New York City.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a textural element running the length of the space—an art installation by Sue Lawty. Carefully organised small pebbles, glued one by one onto the wall surface, create an incredibly detailed and precise composition, adding a unique touch to the ambiance.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this closer look at the lobby of Haymarket Hotel, showcasing the talented artists and designers who have woven together a complex tapestry of colour, texture, and unique flair.