Residence 10 at Ham Yard Hotel

Sleeping Around

Step into Residence 10 at Ham Yard Hotel, where every corner is filled with colour, pattern and texture...

Step into Residence 10 at Ham Yard Hotel, where every corner is a masterpiece. The journey begins with a mesmerising corridor upholstered in a captivating mural fabric by Designers Guild. Illuminated by subtle LED strip lights, the bookcase exudes a captivating allure, enhanced by the depth provided by antique mirrors.

Continue onward to the drawing room, where our latest fabric with Christopher Farr takes centre stage. The ‘Zig Zag’ pattern adorns a distinguished chesterfield sofa and two armchairs, injecting a vibrant rhythm into the space.

A corner cabinet, aglow with concealed strip lights, adds a touch of romance to the ambiance.

Complementing this bold print is the charming ‘Little Weed’ weave design, gracing the dining chairs in a delightful lemon colourway. Gathered around an antique rosewood table, the dining area exudes timeless elegance.

The floor-to-ceiling Crittall windows have been dressed in a large scale embroidery, evoking the graceful sway of green foliage against a backdrop of fresh white linen.

The curtains are a fresh white linen with a double rick rack trim down the leading edge. You will also find a curvaceous chest of drawers at the end of the bed, adding an extra nod to the under the sea ambiance.

Step into the first bedroom and immerse yourself in an enchanting undersea oasis. The ‘Flora’ headboard, adorned with Schumacher’s ‘Under the Sea’ fabric, captivates with its handcrafted sea life motifs, delicately embellished with beads and fringed raffia.

Transitioning to the second bedroom, continuity reigns supreme with the drawing room embroidered fabric design adorning the curtains, creating a seamless flow throughout the apartment. Walls upholstered in the same fabric envelop the space in a romantic embrace.

The striking appliqued headboard by Pippa Caley beautifully echoes the pattern of the walling fabric, seamlessly integrating with the overall design scheme. By stitching over the sketchy mural fabric from the entrance hallway, Pippa has masterfully created a sense of continuity and flow throughout the space. Additionally, we’ve carried through our ‘Zig Zag’ fabric onto the armchair and incorporated the ‘Little Weed’ pattern on the end-of-bed stool, further enhancing the cohesive aesthetic of the room.

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