Room 1407 at The Whitby Hotel

Sleeping Around

Room 1407 at The Whitby Hotel is a space that balances bold primary colours with rich patterns and textures. Join us as we explore this beautiful scheme...

Join us in this ‘Sleeping Around’ blog post as we explore room 1407 at The Whitby Hotel, a space that balances bold primary colours with rich patterns and textures.

Here we have used a detailed print wallpaper in a combination of blue and red colourways for varying walls. Bringing the two colours together is the headboard, which also acts as a feature piece. Its intricate patterns of small floral details combine to create large repeated paisley teardrops, which look like silhouettes and blend into the room beautifully.

We have used the same design for the bed cushions. Adding red leather piping is another element that pairs this design to the wallpaper’s reds.

For the sofa and chair we’ve used a rich weave fabric that’s hardwearing and perfect for frequent use. Its wide raspberry coloured stripes distract the eye from the wallpaper’s intricate patterns, creating a harmonious balance and a contemporary edge.

Otherwise you can get seated outdoors to enjoy a delicious New York breakfast on the bedroom’s terrace with dramatic views of Midtown. Enjoy!

Complementing the sofa and chairs are the curtains which have red linear stripes seen on a light base linen. We’ve added a teardrop fringe trim on the curtain’s leading edge – another delicate intricacy that nods politely to the vivid motifs seen within the wallpaper and headboard designs.

The dining chairs are upholstered in another red stripe fabric, creating a perfect area to discover one of the many books from room 1407’s shelves.