Room 114 at Haymarket Hotel

Sleeping Around

Join us as we take a tour of room 114 at Haymarket Hotel, where we've created a stylish space using just three primary colours...

As much as we love bold schemes, you don’t always need to bring an abundance of colour tones into the mix. Join us as we take a tour of room 114 at Haymarket Hotel, where we’ve created a stylish space using just three primary colours.

We have dressed the walls in a palampore linen fabric with hints of blue and red. Rich with detail, this fabric elevates the room and its texture makes the space feel warm and cosy. Using repeat patterns in this way, requires balance and we’ve done that by choosing a simple but rich red colour for the headboard. Pairing it with the walls, is a yellow boarder that boasts delicate details with a small scale print, intricate studding and striking blue piping.

The curtains have a slightly larger repeat pattern with a graphic that creates a contrast to the wallpaper. A red leading edge adds an unexpected punch of colour.

Further cohesion comes from two large armchairs which are upholstered in a combination of a hard wearing red fabric and blue leather. These different fabrics are unified by matching leather piping in blue. We think leather is a great way of introducing a fun and contemporary edge to a room.

Complementing the headboard’s colours is a red valance with a yellow kick pleat. Together they make a powerful impact and it reminds us of how important colour choices are when designing a scheme.

Using layers is the secret to success when working with small colour palettes and room 114 gave us the perfect opportunity to layer up! The blue sofa’s fine line-weight flowers work with the wall motif and turn the sofa into a focal point.

For a final touch of colour, a tub chair has been upholstered in a blue weave fabric and of course, our signature mannequin matches the headboard and stands proud in this stylish space.

We hope room 114 has highlighted how much can be achieved by using just three primary colours in a scheme. Here it’s all about scale, texture and placement.