Suite 8 at Ham Yard Hotel

Sleeping Around

We all need a bit of zest in our lives at the moment, so come with us to suite 8 at Ham Yard Hotel...

We all need a bit of zest in our lives at the moment, so come with us to suite 8 at Ham Yard Hotel. As you enter the striking living space, you are immediately struck by a bright and lively room scheme, full of citrus hues and zesty tones.

This suite is a wonderful ode to a number of my Christopher Farr fabrics. Adorning the walls of the living room area is my ‘One Way’ fabric in the lemon colourway. I love how the bold and geometric print is an illusion in itself as it heightens the room, lending depth to the space with its diagonal arrow shaped repeat.

I have continued the use of ‘One Way’ onto the curtains, framing the large floor-to-ceiling Crittall windows that overlook Ham Yard Hotel’s verdant green courtyard below. Descending down the leading edge of the curtains is ‘Small Way’, which is the smaller scale version of ‘One Way’. Separating the two fabrics is a butterflied yellow leather piping, creating a sharp and sophisticated finish.

Opposite the sofa are two arm chairs which have been upholstered in a combination of fabrics. On the front is my ‘Loom Weave’ fabric and on the back we have used a colourful silk with warp stripes on a white backcloth.

On the other side of the room is the dining area. The chairs around the table have been covered in a dark teal. I love the imperfect jotted lines dashing across the white background, adding joy and fun to this lively interior. On the top third is a bright solid yellow leather which gives the chairs a bit of strength and prevents them from getting lost in the room. Hanging next to the dining table is a large antique tapestry. The contrast between the contemporary geometric walling and the delicate piece of embroidery makes it all the more engaging.

We have upholstered the sofa using another one of my Christopher Farr designs called ‘Criss Cross’. It is a textured weave which is made up of neat rows of X’s. This motif is representative of a fabric stitch, in particular the uneven cross stitch that joins together old South American blankets which I am so fond of. The small-scale pattern is set on a solid green backcloth, which is incredibly impactful against ‘One Way’ on the walls.

On the singular winged chair, I have used another combination of fabrics. Molly Mahon’s captivating and playful hand-blocked ‘Luna’ fabric covers the arms of the chair, whilst a more durable herringbone mint coloured wool has been used on the seat and back. The chair has been piped in a bright yellow leather – it’s all in the detail!

As we enter the bedroom you are struck by warm peachy oranges, terracotta hues and soft blue grey tones. Adorning the walls is a fabric in blue and orange. It is inspired by medieval English tapestries and features garden inspired shapes and motifs. The worn finish gives the fabric a wonderful antique feel. This fabric was the starting point to this scheme.

On the end of bed stool is another one of my designs for Christopher Farr Cloth called ‘Woven Ribbon’. This fabric design was inspired by the nomadic blankets used for centuries around the world, from the Middle East to North America. It is a play on colour and pattern with a mixture of yarn, cotton, wool and Alpaca. This mix of threads is perfect for upholstery, it is strong and durable yet interesting and elegant.

We absolutely love this suite. I hope this Sleeping Around of suite 8 has given you a bit of zest for life!

The headboard has been upholstered in a stunning grey blue and white wool weave. To prevent the walling and headboard from fighting, we have used a bright orange linen which subtly separates the two fabrics.

A hand printed textile on an oyster linen covers two thirds of the bed cushions, where the slightly faded effect adds texture and depth to these little pillows. A contrasting orange that has been repeated from the depth of the headboard makes up the final third, creating a unified look.