Room 509 at The Whitby Hotel

Sleeping Around

One of my favourite rooms at The Whitby Hotel has to be room 509. See how the timeless and chic scheme stands a test of time with its classic colours and smart tailoring...

One of my favourite rooms at The Whitby Hotel has to be room 509. This classic and chic scheme stands the test of time with its elegant colours and smart tailoring. Upon entering the room we are enveloped by warm tomato linen walls which make you feel immediately at ease. It sets the scene for a cosy and relaxing stay.

Our ‘onion’ headboard is embroidered in a paisley linen which adds a feminine edge to balance the more masculine elements of the room. A graphic embroidered double stripe hangs on the curtains, mirroring the black and white headboard in a bold and powerful way. Curtains are an easy and effective solution to bring your scheme together and there are plenty of ways to come up with new and exciting curtain designs.

On the desk and armchairs we have used another timeless tweed in black and white with a leather piping to complete it. These weaves keep this room looking fresh as ever and never fussy. The special edge of the embroidery paired with the classic notes in the room makes for a scheme that’s easy to love time and time again.

A sturdy houndstooth fabric covers the end of the bed stool and bed cushions. We love houndstooth because it’s a design that never dates and the heavy weave is incredibly durable. The herringbone wool on the bed valance and on the back of the cushions complements the wall fabric whilst keeping the scheme grounded.