Art in Context (Part 2) Charlotte Street Hotel

Sleeping Around

Join us for an Art in Context tour at Charlotte Street Hotel. Here our rooms have original art from The Bloomsbury Group including Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Roger Fry...

London Craft Week provoked some wonderful conversations about celebrated artists.¬†We’ve talked about art in context at Ham Yard Hotel before and for this second instalment we thought we would focus on Charlotte Street Hotel.

Here our rooms have original art from The Bloomsbury Group including Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Roger Fry, as well as other famous artists from this period.

Charlotte Street Hotel is in London’s West End. A place where creativity has always thrived! The hotel pays tribute to The Bloomsbury Group while also introducing Kit’s contemporary, fun and witty design.

Basket of Flowers, 1933 – Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell was an English artist and sister of writer Virginia Woolf. Her unique way of painting, use of colour and form depict a revolutionary style, representative of that period.

A main topic of study was still life and below, ‘Basket of Flowers’ sits above the fireplace in the Library Room at Charlotte Street Hotel.

The Maid – Ramiro Fernandez Saus

In room 108 at Charlotte Street Hotel, we have one of Ramiro Fernandez Saus’ paintings. The Spanish artist shows an imaginative world of adventures. We’ve placed his work above the sofa, inviting you to dream and travel.

White Field, 1999 – Joanna Carrington

The green panelled woodwork and chest of draws make subtle companions for this wondrous painting by Joanna Carrington. It makes an undeniable centre piece.

Created in the late 20th century, the painting mixes earthy tones with splashes of blue. Carrington’s style is a nod to her aunt Dora Carrington.


Alexander Hollweg

We couldn’t overlook Oscar Bar & Restaurant while talking about art. This modern day mural is a hero feature of the hotel. As a tribute to The Bloomsbury Group, Alexander Hollweg was commissioned to create the mural. Inspired by a photograph of an original mural by Duncan Grant, Hollweg’s captivating work depicts contemporary London life.

Walking Figure – Graham Fransella

This painting by Australian artist Graham Fransella sits in the Drawing Room of the hotel. Known for abstract figurative painting and prints, his work explores and plays with iconography of heads and figures.

We have styled the console table with our latest addition: These two large busts are by Quentin Bell and still have moss on them! Son of Vanessa Bell, he principally worked with ceramics. Statuesque and majestic, these pieces sit with dignity in an environment that celebrates The Bloomsbury Group. We think they would be delighted.

Anthony Lysycia

Multi-disciplinary artist Anthony Lysycia uses his passion for travel as a medium of expression. His watercolours are usually created on location. We love the explosion of colours in this two piece composition, which creates a layer-on-layer effect against the wallpaper.

His use of paint strokes create a very distinctive character to his paintings. You’ll find these watercolours in the Dora Carrington private room at Charlotte Street Hotel.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Charlotte Street Hotel. Stay in touch for another Art in Context tour soon.

You can also enjoy a series of short films from Kit and Willow Kemp, who take you on a journey through some of their treasured spaces at Firmdale Hotels in London and New York.