Room 1108 at The Whitby Hotel

Sleeping Around

Come take a tour of room 1108 at The Whitby Hotel, a romantic and sophisticated one bedroom suite with sky high views of Manhattan...

Come and take a tour of room 1108 at The Whitby Hotel, a romantic and sophisticated one bedroom suite with sky high views of Manhattan.

Upon entering, we are greeted with the warm envelopment of an Osborne and Little rose linen blend on the walls, immediately invoking a sense of comfort and cosiness.

Across the room, a soft cream matelassé with red stitching on the curtains lends balance to the rich tones found on the upholstery. Two large mirrors flanking the fireplace reflect natural light from the window, making the entire room feel bigger and brighter.

A bold and sturdy weave covers the Albany sofa bed, providing a zippy pattern to counter the smart houndstooth check on the Leo armchairs. The dining chairs by the window provide another opportunity to address the balance within the scheme. We have used three wools to create interest. A darker grey brown covers the lower two-thirds, whilst a pop of red wool separates the grey white on the top third.

Don’t be afraid of throwing off the balance a bit – an unexpected ikat shade on the standing lamp provides a splash of colour, whilst a fun blue puppet show in the fireplace introduces that dash of whimsy we love to add to any room.

This suite is an inviting and luxurious escape, providing exciting details and exemplifying how to create balance throughout multiple rooms.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Whitby Hotel soon!

As you step into the bedroom, feel the scheme reverse itself. To make sure the bedroom and drawing room flow, we’ve used the same tones, but let the softer greys sing on the walls and the bolder rose tones add pops of punctuation throughout.

I love the romantic Osborne and Little embroidered linen on the headboard and curtains. The bursts of pink thread are so luxurious and inviting. We have used the same houndstooth fabric from the drawing room on the tub chairs, and introduced a complementary stripe on the desk chair and end of bed stool. These heavy weaves add a nice layer of textural contrast to the floral embroidery.

Another opportunity for balance can be found on the bed cushions. The geometric pattern of the Fermoie linen lends a contemporary touch to the traditional feel of the headboard and curtains. A bold linen plisse, also found on the bed valance, adds an interesting element of depth to one third of the bed cushions. Look closely for the embellished trim that separates the two, adding just a touch of glamour to go with the upholstery studs on the headboard.