Monochrome in The Marylebone Room at Dorset Square Hotel

Sleeping Around

This monochrome room resembles a tailor-made suit, with its grey wool clad walls and pinstriped fabrics...

The Marylebone Room is one of the larger suites in Dorset Square Hotel, with a spacious bedroom and a separate living area with a library.

This monochrome room resembles a tailor-made suit, with its grey wool clad walls and pinstriped fabrics. Adorning the walls is a sophisticated check wool by Abraham Moons, called ‘Knightsbridge Check’. We often use wool on the walls as it is durable and looks luxurious.

The monochrome tones continue throughout the space. In the living area, the sofa has been upholstered in a fun and contemporary way by combining two of the same pinstripe wools in reverse colorways. I always like to include a hint of playfulness in a more serious room. These are the sketches that we sent to our very clever upholsterers who turn our designs into a reality.

Opposite the library area is a pretty writing desk which sits next to a window. The desk chair has been upholstered in a smart grey pinstripe wool combined with a black leather hide on the top third of the chair. Small nickel studding surrounds the frame which lifts the chair and makes it more contemporary.

The two large armchairs either side of the sofa have been upholstered in a soft lamb’s wool called ‘Westminster Check’ in a Black Ecru colourway. To frame the chairs, I have used a black leather pipe and we added nickel studding around all four corners of the base. It is these small details that give a piece of furniture that extra something special.

It isn’t often I design a monochrome room, but when I do I like to use books, artwork and flowers to subtly bring in colourful hues. Flush against the back wall are four bookshelf panels which have been painted grey to blend into the fabric walling. The woodwork does not draw any attention away from the colourful book spines. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves also draw your eye up as you enter the room, which is a lovely design trick for making a space seem larger than it is. We added an artwork with a fresh white frame to divide the bookshelves. The stark contrast of black and white livens up the room.

As you enter the bedroom area, you are greeted by a large headboard with matching bed cushions. The headboard is upholstered using two fabrics. The main central fabric is a small scale patterned linen by Robert Allen called ‘Boteh’. Around the outside is a dark ebony linen. To border the inside and outside edge of the frame is chrome studding, which prevents the headboard from looking flat by giving it that tactile quality. Beside the bed is a bright orange block colour artwork in a crisp white frame. Again, the contrast of black and white freshens the room.

For the bed valance, I have used the same pinstripe wool which I used on the sofa and the desk chair. I love how the scalloped bedding falls against the stripe.

The curtains throughout the room have been made up in a linen black and white stripe. Down the leading edge is the same ebony linen which was used on the headboard border. To separate the two fabrics is a metal bead trim by Nina Campbell which is a fun accent to the room.

This monochrome room was designed to be smart, elegant and tailored with a hint of playfulness and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.