Creating Interest in Small Rooms at Charlotte Street Hotel

Sleeping Around

In Rooms 405 and 111 at Charlotte Street Hotel we used vibrant fabrics to make these small rooms welcoming and bright...

In Room 111 at Charlotte Street Hotel we used vibrant fabrics to make this small room welcoming and bright.

The headboard in this cosy Superior Room features a strong yellow border that picks out the colours in the Asian-inspired headboard fabric.

The bed cushions are covered in my Friendly Folk fabric for Andrew Martin, depicting a landscape of rolling hills and blooming trees.

The strong yellow is used again on Fox Linton’s Diamond Braid on the top third of the desk chair. The solid leather piping adds textural and tonal contrast, giving a pop of yellow around the edge of the handle. In this smaller room, we have made the most of the space by using the desk as a bedside table.

On the curtains we have used a white Pierre Frey linen trimmed on the bottom edge in Jim Thomson’s Casablanca. The smart geometric blues echo my ‘Small Way’ fabric on the bed cushions and desk chair. The light cream curtains make the room feel more open and bright, drawing the eye to the sunlight flooding through the windows.

The arm chair is covered in Colefax & Fowler’s bold ‘Texas’ fabric in Cardinal red, again reflecting the bold reds of the headboard.

Up in the eaves of the hotel, Room 405 is another smaller room where we have been creative with space. The tall statement headboard draws the eye upwards, making the ceilings appear higher and the room feel more spacious. The fabric by Fox Linton features a fanciful garden filled with of bold red fruits bringing a vibrant playfulness to the scheme.

The bed cushions in my ‘Small Way’ design for Christopher Farr Cloth pick out the blues and reds in the headboard fabric.

A wing chair often works well in a smaller bedroom or drawing room. A wing chair exudes grandeur and opulence with its upright, powerful posture and scroll shape armrests. Wing chairs have been around since the 1600s, originally invented as a comfortable seat that would prevent drafts from reaching the upper parts of the body, or to protect against the heat of large open fireplaces.

I have designed my very own chair, known as Kit’s Wing. We often upholster this traditional chair in a contemporary bold fabric. For my collaboration in the Loft at Bergdorf Goodman in New York we covered our wing chair in my ‘Over the Moon’ fabric for Andrew Martin. The navy blue highlights the chair’s strong silhouette, with painterly moons that sit on a background of speckled stars.

At Charlotte Street Hotel in the library; we have upholstered our wing chairs in a colourful crewel embroidered fabric by Pierre Frey. The two chairs sit posing in front of a French stone fireplace. The chair becomes a statement piece of furniture when combining it with a modern textile.

Just step inside one of the hotels and make your way to one of the drawing rooms, sink into our beautifully crafted wing chair with a cup of tea. There is nothing better at the end of the day!