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Room 308 at Charlotte Street Hotel

Entering room 308 at Charlotte Street Hotel feels like diving into the Mediterranean. The powerful combination of blues and greens makes this room fresh and lively.

The geometric walling by Nina Campbell adds texture and depth to the walls, making the room feel larger. We love adding patterned fabrics to walls to make a room feel more inviting and interesting.

Our flora shape headboard is serene, lined in the ‘Green Morocco’ design by Bennison Fabrics. This fabric looks almost three-dimensional, creating an intriguing effect that makes you want to look at it more closely.

Geometric patterns always help to make floral patterns feel more contemporary and fresh. If you have a room that looks too traditional and floral, we recommend adding a geometric design to update the scheme.

The rest of the scheme is well-balanced with subtle fabrics in green and blue. We have played with texture, using leather, wool and cottons. These layers of texture add another dimension to the scheme.

We love surprises in our interiors, and the real one comes on the wall facing the bed. This wall is covered in a Designers Guild floral fabric in deep blues and greens. We love the bold striking colours and like to imagine the lady reclining in the painting having a “siesta” in a garden full of roses.

Charlotte Street Hotel will re-open on 1st September and we could not be more excited. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests back to this vibrant Bloomsbury Group-inspired hotel in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia.

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