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How to Set Clear Boundaries with Crittall Windows

Look around our interiors and you’ll see that we love to include Crittall windows in our designs. Made with steel frames, Crittall windows have a traditional aesthetic and we often use them to create boundaries within our spaces. Join us as we explore some examples of interior spaces which are defined by clear boundaries…

In vibrant green, a set of Crittall style windows at the entrance of Richmond Buildings create a moment of pause as you enter the lobby.

Without them you would feel the expanse of this space all at once. When designing a large open space, small boundaries create a brief and friendly introduction.

In a stairwell at The Whitby Hotel, you’ll find pop art by Joe Tilson atop wallpaper by Kate Blee. Here we’ve used Crittall windows to add a layer of texture when peering-through from the lobby.

As you arrive at The Soho Hotel, you’ll spot Refuel Bar & Restaurant with ease. All the buzz of the restaurant can be seen through glass panelled walls in the lobby.

Natural light should always be considered when designing an interior space. A clear wall in The Whitby Bar’s Orangery ensures that natural light pours in from the adjacent space. This keeps the room feeling fresh, airy and bright.

This set of windows introduce The Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel, creating a separate space for an afternoon tea without feeling cutoff from the buzz of Ham Yard Restaurant.

Crittall windows allow us to define boundaries, create layers and reveal spaces beyond. We hope we’ve inspired you to set clear boundaries within your interior designs. The way we use glass in our design extends much further, explore also our blog post ‘How We Use Glass in Design’ here.

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