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Sebastian Cox – Mycelium Magic

We’re currently working on an exciting project where we have commissioned Sebastian Cox to create some furniture pieces that evoke sustainability and a sense of play. We were blown away by Sebastian’s mycelium pendants which are not made but are actually grown.

Our Design Studio’s Minnie and Ann-Marie had the pleasure of visiting Sebastian’s London studio to learn more about his process and how this amazing fungus is grown and takes form.

Mycelium is a network of fungal threads usually found underground from which mushrooms grow but can also thrive in rotting tree trunks. Its organic form has suede leather like texture but is an innovative, sustainable and vegan material alternative. It is truly remarkable!

Sebastian’s pendants can take between 4- 12 weeks to essentially grow and are cultivated in his London Studio. Willow wood is sourced, cut into strips and woven into the round pendant moulds. The fungus is added along with wood chips and together they begin to cultivate, fusing together and growing to create this incredible material.

In order for the fungus to stop growing they are taken out of the mould and dried for a week which essentially acts as a seal to stop the growing process.

We’re in absolute awe of how two organic materials can be utilised to create opportunities for viable, sustainable and biodegradable design. We can’t wait for our pendants to finish growing so we can install them into our upcoming project. Stay tuned for some more mycelium magic!

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