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Season to Season: Room to Room at Crosby Street Hotel

As summer turns into autumn, I thought it would be interesting to compare two very different schemes which encapsulate these very different seasons at Crosby Street Hotel.

While these rooms have their own very unique feel, they sit within an almost identical space. I love to see how two rooms made up of the same bones can have such a diverse feel.

Room 701 at Crosby Street Hotel is a celebration of the warmer months all year round. This scheme is a hot house of colour; my orange ‘Inside Out’ fabric for Christopher Farr Cloth lines the walls. The bold colour creates a strong background against the fun Jim Thompson fabric on the scalloped shaped headboard.

We created motif bed cushions and an armchair which plays on the scale of the orange tree design on the headboard fabric. I added my signature newspaper pocket on the side of the chair, these details make it so unique.

With such lively and strong walls, I used a lighter colour sofa. My ‘Loom Weave’ fabric is a subtle design that almost reads as a plain, it brings a calmness to this really zingy space.

Greens, oranges and pale blue accents play together in this scheme, creating a space that transports you to a sleepy orange tree grove or when autumn does finally roll in, dreams of a summer holiday.

Our hotel rooms are always designed individually and this individuality is shown perfectly in the complete contrast you find in room 1001 just a few floors above. This calming room captures the feeling of a still and peaceful autumn afternoon.

I chose a soft plaster coloured linen for the walls providing a gentle and subtle background in comparison to the vibrancy of room 701. The headboard is covered in an elegant fabric by Christopher Farr Cloth which work perfectly with my ‘Mudprint’ textile on the curtains. To change up the scale I used a small repeat Penny Morrison fabric on the bed cushions and mannequin. The pinks and khaki greens complement each other in such a beautiful way.

Both rooms are a generous size, complete with a seating area at the end of the King Size bed. Window seat cushions sit at the vast walled window, perfect for a reflective moment or a chance to admire the SoHo scenes beyond.

Each room has its own personality; one room is a fun and joyful summer celebration, the other is a serene ode to autumn. Even though they are separated by just four floors, these rooms are seasons apart.

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