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Sandra Blow at The Soho Hotel

Sandra Blow was an English painter and one of the pioneers of the British abstract movement of the 1950s. Her masterpieces combine a clever use of colour with the positioning of shapes, creating a bold yet subtle impact. Hear from Kit Kemp in this instalment of 'The Firmdale Art Collection' as to her favourite pieces by Sandra Blow, and how they breathe life into a room.

"She was the most wonderful character and her work now is actually being recognised, I think for the first time. So strong, so abstract and so wonderful." Kit Kemp


Kit Kemp’s passion for art is celebrated throughout her award-winning interiors. Each piece, whether by established artists or up-and-coming students, has been carefully selected and woven into the heart of her designs. In this exclusive series of short films, Kit and Willow Kemp take you on a journey through some of the most inspiring pieces from Kit's personally curated art collection throughout her London hotels.

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