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S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Design)

After a seemingly endless summer, the new season has finally arrived. As the leaves change, a host of new collections bring fresh inspiration and colours. Our schemes are often inspired by the seasons and as autumn sets in, we find ourselves reaching for richer colours and heavier textures.

It is important of course to not succumb to trends and create a space that only works at one time of the year. This scheme, designed for my latest collection for Andrew Martin, shows an autumnal palette of dusky tones, yet the overall feel is modern and fresh with blue accents and contrasting white linen.

A cosy room at Charlotte Street Hotel has just been completed with an equally autumnal scheme.

We have used a combination of patterned textiles. When mixing patterns, it is best to start out with one principal fabric that you love, then choose secondary fabrics which bring out accents of colour from the first.

In this room we started with a fabric by Sarah Vanrenen, which has an almost painterly quality. Using this fabric on an over-scaled scalloped headboard gives real impact set against the burnt orange walls.

On the bed cushions, sides of the armchair and desk chair we have used a delicate, small scale print by Tissus d’Helene and Ottoline. The soft white curtain with a dark horizontal stripe contrasts against the walls and picks out the freshness of the headboard backcloth.

The result is a room filled with warmth, charm and character.

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