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Room 906 at Crosby Street Hotel

At Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo we have a fabulous new addition. On the 9th floor and overlooking the iconic New York water towers, the elegant cast iron facades and cobbled Crosby Street below, Room 906 is a fun and fresh monochrome scheme with a twist.

In the drawing room, we lined the walls with my ‘Pear Tree’ fabric in charcoal. It’s both tailored and playful, with the lyrical repeat of a pear tree. The shock of white and chalky blacks with a zip of orange creates a totally different feel to the vibrant alternative colourways of this design.

I used ‘Pear Tree’ on the walls and the curtains, creating an orange contrast leading edge to both define the curtains and to ensure that the fabric will stand the test of time. The orange linen and ‘Pear Tree’ are separated by a graphic Dedar trim which creates a strong and interesting detail.

For the rest of the scheme, we played into the blacks and oranges, adding in a bright green to allow the room to sing. Accents in the upholstery piping, rug and artwork all help to create a full and rich colour palette.

My new ‘Live It Up’ in lime for Christopher Farr is a dance of colour on the sofa, punctuated with the black of my ‘Inside Out’ fabric on the cushions, also by Christopher Farr.

We repeated ‘Inside Out’ for the dining chairs. The strong black pops out under the colourful dance of Kirdi lights in a little cluster over the dining table.

The large round mirror behind beautifully reflects the Kirdis, while also providing a strong focal point. The scale is so important here, it’s such a small wall, but filling it with this large graphic mirror adds gravitas and importance to the space.

Looking through from the more monochrome drawing room to the bedroom, you are met with a dance of colour in the bright orange walls.

We commissioned the wonderful Kumi to create one of her classic kimono headboards, based on one of the motifs from the ‘Wychwood’ wallpaper from my Andrew Martin collection.

Details like this beautifully intricate headboard and my new ‘Pop Art’ border trim on the mannequin and curtains add depth to the design details and help to play into the colour story of the room.

We kept the moody charcoals seen in the drawing room in this space too, but instead in accents, such as the headboard base, bed cushions and the bed valance.

This room is as joyful as it is tailored, cheerful as it is moody and I love that it has so many personalities.

Come and join us as we slip into winter in New York.

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