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Room 603 at Crosby Street Hotel

In Room 603 at Crosby Street Hotel, two fabrics from two different fabric houses come together as though they were made to sit within the same scheme.

Just as though it was meant to be, the colours of the romantic floral embroidery by Sanderson on the curtains work beautifully alongside the wonderfully graphic headboard fabric by Mulberry.

Whilst the palette of both fabrics works together in perfect harmony, the two designs contrast just enough to bring dynamics and drama to the room.

Once we had our two showstopper fabrics we had a lot of fun choosing patterns for the upholstery. On the chairs we used a heavy weight wool in a rich burnt orange, complemented by the lovely little Lisa Fine textile on either side of the outside arms.

Whenever I love a delicate fabric that isn’t practical for the high traffic of a hotel room, I like to think of other fun ways to use these textiles. The side of the chair felt like the perfect place, a little Easter egg hidden in the details of the room.

The walls are upholstered with an unusually heavy weight fabric which feels so luxurious and cosy, contrasted against the warm magentas and yellows on the curtains and headboard.

To add that final flourish of interest we used an African Sketchbook ‘Reserve Seat’ trim to separate the two fabrics on the footstool at the end of the bed. Another hidden detail to add depth and interest to the room.

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