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Room 510 at Crosby Street Hotel

We are clinging to the last warm days here in New York City, with fall just around the corner. To extend the feel of those sunshine-fuelled days, indulge in a stay in room 510 at Crosby Street Hotel.

We are greeted by my ‘Travelling Light’ fabric for Christopher Farr Cloth in the green colourway on the walls. The white background keeps the scene calm but with a sense of playfulness and fun from its zesty pattern.

A floral lemon yellow print hangs on the curtains, offering a cheerful contrast to the walling and a view of the city beyond. We have repeated this fabric on the mannequin as well as the bed cushions, which are piped with a heavy green boucle from Jim Thompson.

The same green boucle covers the front of the tub chair and the top third of the desk chair, whilst the complimentary yet contrasting yellow colourway covers the back of the tub chair and the bottom two thirds of the desk chair. A white leather piping from Samuel and Sons provides a clean and crisp accent.

We have also used these fabrics on the bed valance. The heavy green really grounds the room, whilst the yellow kick pleat adds a pop of unexpected colour.

The headboard, sofa bed and window cushions are upholstered in my ‘Criss Cross’ weave for Christopher Farr. This sturdy, cosy fabric softens the scheme and introduces texture. We continued the use of white leather piping on these pieces as well.

By using a white background on the walling, we are able to use strong statement colours on the upholstery and draperies.

You’ll notice in this room we have repeated the same fabrics and pipings throughout. This is a tried and tested way of using multiple patterns in a room without overwhelming the senses.

The bright and citrus tones of this room are balanced and natural, leaving you feeling as fresh as a summer’s day!

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