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Room 501 at Crosby Street Hotel

Join us as we explore this new scheme in room 501 at Crosby Street Hotel, a space which boasts calming blue tones and energetic pops of yellow.

The hand applique headboard was made with a combination of wool fabrics, depicting playful yellow and blue leaves. They are complemented by a bold yellow border which we have framed using metal studs. For the window cushions and bed valance, we have used a textural teal fabric to create an additional layer and sense of dimension.

The scheme’s magic is made from charming patterns, rich textures and varying hues of yellow and blue. For the curtains we have used our ‘Tasha’s Trip’ design for Christopher Farr Cloth and included a leading edge with Molly Mahon’s ‘Luna’ fabric. Separating each design, is leather piping in a contrasting colour of buttery yellow.

Molly Mahon’s Luna fabric also makes an appearance on the armchair and bed cushions. We love to combine geometric and organic patterns and to complete our scheme, we’ve included Molly’s blue and yellow geometric ‘Pattee‘ design. This hand block printed fabric is inspired by the architecture and Persian gardens of Jaipur’s Fort. Find our guide to mixing geometric and organic patterns here.

No scheme would be complete without our signature Firmdale mannequin! We’ve also used Molly’s ‘Pattee’ fabric to adorn room 501’s mannequin, complementing the colourful artwork above.

Thank you for exploring this new and refreshing scheme with us at Crosby Street Hotel. Explore more of our hotel schemes with our series of ‘Sleeping Around’ blog posts here.

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